Pastor's Message

Welcome to Boynton Beach Congregational United Church of Christ the church with a big welcome and a warm heart. We are a church that cares about everyone who comes through our front door and I guarantee you will receive a warm welcome and made to feel like you already belong here. Our greeters make it a point that you won't feel like a stranger for long.

That warm feeling carries over to our worship service with the hope that when you leave you will feel 'that you have been in the House of the Lord and that you have been blessed." I feel that during the week we need to feel renewed and refreshed, that I hope that our worship service provides you with that feeling. Jesus was the most positive person who ever lived. He always saw the good in every person, and even when they failed, he tried to lift them up again. Jesus said "Give me your weak, your downtrodden, your children, your widows, anyone can come to me and will be called Children of God." Come to Boynton Beach Congregational UCC church and let Jesus be the answer to all your questions."

I hope you will come and visit us soon and allow the experience of positive worship to fill your cup with love and joy.
Rev. Georgia Hillesland